Your style is one of the biggest ways you express yourself to the world around you. Look in the mirror. What are you expressing with what you are wearing right now? You want to express that you are confident, classy, and competent. However, sometimes all of us struggle to know exactly how to dress to show off our best attributes. Here are 10 easy to follow tips for men to improve their style, so they can express themselves in the best possible way.


Tip #1: Dress Like a Man Not a Boy

You’re a man. You probably have a job, you have responsibilities, and you likely pay bills. You do not want your clothes painting a different picture of those things.

Leave flat brimmed hats to the “Beliebers”, and save the basketball shorts for working out. Never wear socks with sandals.

If it is expressing “swag”, leave it alone.

Choose clothes that reflect sophistication and refinement. Suits, slacks, button down shirts, polos, ties, and clothes that fit properly all reflect refinement.


Tip #2: Don’t Wear Graphic T-Shirts

No one will take you seriously when you are wearing a graphic t-shirt. They are juvenile and tell the world that you are irresponsible.

Instead, invest in some nice button down shirts. Go for shirts that are well fitting. For a nice casual look, find some good polo shirts, or some short sleeve button downs.

Express yourself with color and pattern. Just make sure they fit well and are not too over the top.


Tip #3: Wear Fitting Jeans

Fitting jeans are a great way to make you look sexy and classy. Jeans that fit properly show off your body better than baggy jeans and they have a way of really making you look like you’re in better shape.

Baggy jeans tend to hide your height, add weight and they tend to look sloppy. Fitting jeans look more put-together.


Tip #4: Buy Some Chinos

A nice pair of chinos for semi-formal occasions will really sharpen up your style. These pants should fit you well, and they pair nicely with a button down shirt. Wear these on dates, to company parties, and other more formal occasions and you’ll draw the attention of the room for how stylish you look.


Tip #5: Replace Your Sneakers With Real Shoes

Sneakers are for yard work and slopping through mud out in nature. Keep one pair of ratty old sneakers for harsh conditions and replace the rest with some nice shoes.

There are many style options for men’s shoes ranging from classy informal to impressive formal shoes. Soft loafers are great for everyday casual wear, as are desert boots.

For more formal occasions get some nice dress shoes. When buying formal shoes, buy them to match your chinos and your suit pants.


Tip #6: Learn Layering

Layering your clothes is not only functional for warmth, it’s also quite stylish if you do it correctly.

Pair button downs with nice sweaters, or jackets for a great fall look. Put this with good jeans and desert boots for casual wear, or chinos and dress shoes for a more formal look.


Tip #7: Invest In a Blazer

A blazer is a great, versatile clothing item that should be in every man’s closet. A good blazer can pair equally well with formal and informal looks, and they add style and formality to any outfit.


Tip #8: Wear a Watch Occasionally

A watch is a statement. They look great and can complete a look. Get a watch that is simple enough to wear with anything while still flashing a hint of style. You don’t have to wear it every day, but it is a great piece to wear when you want to add a little something extra.


Tip #9: Ignore the Fashion World

Find colors, fits, cuts, and styles that work for you. The fashion world isn’t the best guide for you to find the right look. They put too much pressure on your style. Stick with what works for you.


Tip #10: Go For Subtle, Simple, Understated, and Classic Outfits

Keep it simple. Subtle, understated, and classic outfits are timeless and will always look appropriate for the occasion. Simplicity exudes confidence in yourself. You can hold your head high knowing that you look great.



Have fun with your clothes. Forming a sophisticated style shouldn’t be stressful so, take it easy and find things that make you look and feel great. The most important part of your style is the confidence with which you wear it. Hold you head up, and you will look as good as you feel.



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