What men are allowed to wear when and where is more and more a decision every man can answer for himself. Gone ar the days of strict dress codes for every occasion. These are some tips top maybe help you make a better decision.

1. Change your tailor for a cutter

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that only tailored suits fit well. Every good cutter can change a ready-to-wear suit to your needs. Only guys who do not fit into the classic size-range of the manufacturers really need tailored suits.

2. Shorten long pants boldly

When you measure pants that need to be shortened you wear them on the ideal place in the waist, which is rarely retained in reality. So don’t be afraid to take off an extra centimeter (0.39 inches).

3. Dimming the tie

The dilemma of the tie in our times is that it is actually only worn by people who are forced to do so for professional reasons. in former times a tie was – beside the pocket square – the only place where fantasy was allowed. An overstressing of the tie in the overall appearance, however, entails the danger of looking ridiculous. Shiny satin in plain colors should be avoided as well as flamboyant patterns. A matt micro-pattern with coarse structure is the most modern choice. Punctual eccentricity is better used elsewhere in your wardrobe (see point 6).

4. Dare to go double

Previously the idea was widespread that double-breasted suits were reserved for tall guys. This was true during the 80s, where the broad-shouldered suits of that time had a shortening effect on men 1.70 meters tall. The current models, however, have narrower lapel and have a smaller cut.

5. Black suits only for funerals

At least one generation of men has been misled by a fashion model that has inspired Quentin Tarantino. The rumbling killer from “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction” have put young men back in their suit, but the popular combination of a white shirt and a black tie looks as if it were purchased in a professional clothing store for bouncers. For an evening event, in which a “dark suit” is required, the black and white combination is unsuitable, unless you want to be confused with the waiter. A night blue model is often the better choice.

6. No boring shoes after six o’clock

“No brown shoes after six o’clock” is an old rule. But you can get more wrong than wearing light brown brogues to the dark suit. For example; angular shoes, too long shoes or those with dividing seams in unnecessary places and with contrasting yarn. You still can spice up a classic style with a special pair of shoes. Chinos and a white shirt could be accompanied by a riveted Brogues from Church’s.

7. Always close only one button

Whether one-button, two-button or three-button jackets, closed is always one button only – the one sitting on the waist. In the case of three buttons, this is the middle one, with two buttons it is the upper one.

8. Comfort is important

The most important thing when it comes to clothing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. No matter how expensive or stylish your clothes are – if you don’t feel good wearing them – people will notice. So dare to try new styles and items but also dare to give or throw them away if you do not like them.

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