Men’s Grooming

    Four Simple Bad Breath Hacks

    6. December 2017 - 21:24

    Conquer that foul dragon breath once and for all.

    The Philips OneBlade Pro: A Review

    22. November 2017 - 11:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice Taking the revolutionary hybrid grooming tool for a test drive In partnership with Amazon and The post The Philips OneBlade Pro: A...

    The Handpicked 6 - Shave Creams

    21. November 2017 - 12:42

    The Handpicked 6 - Shave Creams Make shaving less arduous and more pleasurable with our handpicked 6. Six Shave Creams tried, tested and worthy of our seal of approval based purely on their standalone...

    My Morning Routine: Brett Eldredge

    13. November 2017 - 5:01

    The stylish country singer on eating right, staying focused and the importance of taking care of your hair.

    Just Arrived: Myego Ten To Seven Face Wash

    2. November 2017 - 16:51

    New: Myego Ten To Seven Face Wash Hailed as the Face Wash of 2017, Ten To Seven has been developed by Myego Labs to free the skin of dirt and oil whilst...

    The Best Body Lotions for Men

    25. October 2017 - 5:01

    Want to weatherproof your body for the coming cold weather while softening and firming your skin? Then you need to add this to your morning routine.

    My Morning Routine: David Moltz

    18. October 2017 - 5:01

    How the globe-trotting perfumer and musician manages to stay creative, calm and well-groomed.

    Creed Viking Was Totally Worth The Wait

    11. October 2017 - 10:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice Creed’s first new men’s fragrance in seven years was worth the wait...

    My Morning Routine: Jacob Soboroff

    4. October 2017 - 5:01

    He's the coolest newsman on TV today. He never knows where he'll wake up, but here's how he starts his day.

    Sachajuan bags Best New Shampoo at the 2018 GQ Grooming Awards

    2. October 2017 - 15:15

    Sachajuan bags Best New Shampoo at the 2018 GQ Grooming AwardsSwedish haircare experts, Sachajuan, have done it again. In the 2017 GQ Grooming Awards,...

    6 Male Grooming Hacks from the Experts

    28. September 2017 - 12:56

    Up your grooming game with the help our skincare experts. We asked our team of male grooming experts for their insider tips on how to get the best out...

    New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Undercover As Head &...

    27. September 2017 - 14:26

    New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. picked up a little side gig, working as a Head & Shoulders massage therapist, much to the surprise...

    The Fragrance Edit - The Summer-Autumn Transition

    15. September 2017 - 11:42

    With cooler temperatures now on the horizon, it’s time to shake-up your fragrance collection, pushing the citrus and sunny scents to the back and...

    What makes a best seller: Recipe for Men Alcohol-Free Antiperspirant...

    11. August 2017 - 13:08

    What makes a best seller: Recipe for Men Alcohol Free Anti Perspirant Deodorant When we find a hero product it really ought to be shouted about and Recipe...

    Anthony Beard Basics Kit lands in the UK

    27. July 2017 - 12:14

    Anthony Beard Basics Kit Hits the UKAnthony, best known for their Glycolic Facial Cleanser and Deep Pore Cleansing Clay, are one the US’s finest...

    Say Goodbye To Shaving Nicks And Cuts With Glyder Styptic Balm

    25. July 2017 - 13:20

    Shaving technology has advanced pretty far since the introduction of the straight razor, but it is still no walk in the park. Not only that, but...

    Old Spice’s “Wild” Commercials Have Fun With Advertising...

    14. July 2017 - 14:52

    Remember Old Spice’s Momsong commercial from a few years back? It featured a group of moms who were having trouble coming to terms with the fact...

    What are the Best Sun Creams for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin Types?

    27. June 2017 - 16:17

    What are the best sun creams for oily and acne-prone skin types?For those with oily and acne prone skin types, summer can be all the things you want and...

    The HSS Guide To Men’s Skin Types

    27. June 2017 - 10:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice How to tell your skin type and the best products to use In order to The post The HSS Guide To Men’s Skin Types first appeared...

    Buckskin & Mane + Frye Boot Company | #meetourmakers

    20. June 2017 - 0:26

    For those of you that couldn't make it, we wanted to give you a look at our #meetourmakers pop-up this past Saturday in collaboration with Frye Boot Company...

    Dollar Shave Club Proves That Looking Good Doesn’t Have To Cost A...

    19. June 2017 - 17:34

    Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Dollar Shave Club to bring you this product review and show you how easy it is to subscribe, but all opinions are...

    Why You Should Use a Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

    13. June 2017 - 12:02

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice And our recommendations for the best zinc oxide sunscreens When choosing a sunscreen...

    Summer Haircuts: Our Top 5 Picks

    11. June 2017 - 4:34

    The summer solstice may still be a couple weeks away, but it's not too early to get your first haircut of the season if you haven't already done so.  In this post we reveal our top 5 picks, in no...

    A Simple And Essential Skincare Routine For Men

    6. June 2017 - 10:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice The three basic steps for your daily skincare routine When it comes to a good The...

    Why Is Aloe So Important for Your Skin and Hair?

    6. June 2017 - 0:14

    Many of our customers tend to notice that organic Aloe Vera leaf juice is the primary ingrdient in all of our premium formulas. As a result, we get asked...

    4 Steps To Blackhead-Free Skin

    5. June 2017 - 13:21

    4 Steps To Blackhead-Free Skin Blackheads and clogged pores, after acne, are the most common skincare concerns. With the movement now firmly in the direction of completely matte skin, keeping your...

    Guys, This Is Why You Need To Care About Skincare

    30. May 2017 - 16:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice If you’re not taking care of your face it doesn’t matter how nice your...

    Summer Essentials - From Bathroom to Beach in a Spray (or a pump!)

    26. May 2017 - 14:37

     Get the beachy look (and feel!) in a jiffy with our summer essentials hand-picked by our resident chap in the know, Steven. The Refinery Eye...

    What Is Beard Oil, and How Do I Use It?

    25. May 2017 - 12:42

    Many guys ask us the purpose of beard oil and how to use it. Well, here’s the answer to the infamous question and a few simple steps on how to properly...

    Enter Our Old Spice #Smellegendary Hydro Wash Giveaway

    3. May 2017 - 16:37

    We recently told you about Old Spice Hydro Wash, the latest addition to their Hardest Working Collection of men’s grooming products. In case you...

    Breaking Down The Beard Phenomenon

    24. April 2017 - 13:04

    Beards are considered a sign of manliness, strength and wisdom, not only in our culture. Some cultures have considered male beards essential and a sign of men’s virility for years. It’s not...

    We Put Old Spice’s Hydro Wash To The Test

    17. April 2017 - 13:38

    Old Spice, the manliest grooming brand on the planet, recently introduced the latest addition to their Hardest Working Collection: Old Spice Hydro Wash,...

    An ode to spring sports

    31. March 2017 - 19:05

    Nothing goes hand in hand more than springtime and physical activity. Let’s get physical indeed, Olivia. To help prepare for all of the spring sports excitement, check out Old Spice’s King...

    Old Spice Hats Off To #Smellegendary Hair Giveaway

    13. March 2017 - 13:40

    A few weeks back, we told you about Old Spice Swagger Gel, which offers guys the #smellegendary manly scent they want plus high hold and moderate shine...

    Thinning Hair? There’s Never Been A Better Time To Shave It All Off

    28. February 2017 - 15:26

    Like many of you, I started losing my hair in my early 20s, with a rapidly growing bald spot up top and widows peaks that were more and more noticeable.

    Old Spice Swagger Gel Helps Guys Achieve The Glory Of #Smellegendary...

    24. February 2017 - 14:44

    For nearly 80 years, Old Spice has been helping guys navigate the seas of manhood, and I have been a loyal customer of their deodorant, body wash, and...

    Hat hair puts a dent in your style, and Old Spice wants to help

    13. January 2017 - 14:00

    National Hat Day is this Sunday, and Old Spice has teamed up with celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen to get you more “sexy time” with the...

    Ring In The New Year With a Classic Look

    29. December 2016 - 11:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice Keeping it classic on New Year’s Eve from your outfit to your hairstyle In...

    5 Of Our Favorite Winter Colognes

    16. December 2016 - 17:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice The best fragrances for when the temperature drops As we’ve said many times in the The post 5 Of Our Favorite Winter Colognes...

    Product Review: Old Spice Holiday Man Pack

    4. December 2016 - 16:03

    When shopping for guys on your list, look no further than the manliest grooming brand on the planet: Old Spice. With nearly 80 years of experience...

    Personal Grooming Habits You Shouldn’t Overlook

    1. December 2016 - 17:00

    from He Spoke Style - Men's Style, Fashion, Grooming, Tips and Advice A few simple tips for upping your personal grooming game As we all know from The...

    Prescribed Grooming for the Looming Cold Months Ahead

    3. November 2016 - 23:38

    We're having trouble believing it ourselves but fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner, time flies doesn't it?  As you guys can...