Times in which jewelry was only for ladies are long gone. Men jewelry worn properly can put the finishing touch on an outfit – or break a too brave look. Much like when you’re wearing anything else, the key to wearing jewelry is to do so nonchalantly.


The watch. Is a suitable piece of jewelry for men by virtue of its functionality.
It is one of those elements of dress by which some people will choose to define you.

A proper watch is simultaneously functional and classy, so keeping it proportional to your wrist size will work best. A leather strap will be perfectly suited for any occasion be it casual or formal, while a metal band will work best for strictly formal events. As for gold straps; unless you are an investment banker or CEO of a Fortune 500 company and wear suits every day you won’t have much opportunities to wear your beautiful gold Rolex. So opt for a leather or silver strap for every day use. They are less expensive too, so you can invest in more pieces without going over budget.


Cufflinks. Are a functional piece of jewelry that allow you to stand out in a very discreet way. Most men will wear cufflinks in work environments and relatively formal social settings, as an accent to a suit-and-tie ensemble. At work you could wear cufflinks when meeting with clients or other important figures. A good rule to follow is: Do not wear cuff links to work daily unless you’re the boss.

A lot of men follow the rule to always pair cufflinks with jacket and tie, but if you don’t wear a jacket and/or tie you can be more playful with style and color of your cufflinks.


Bracelets. Are a difficult subject. Not so long ago, for the average man to wear bracelets might have been considered effeminate. In recent years bracelets for men have become acceptable. A friend of mine once said ‘James Bond would not wear a bracelet’. OK, but we are not him; so a little experimenting is allowed.

Bracelets come in many different forms; leather, metal or cords – plain or woven. Simple dark leather and silver bracelets are suited for formal settings. With casual outfits you can play with fabrics and colors. But don’t go overboard. Two bands are enough, don’t wear hordes of them. And always, always make sure to put the watch on first.


Necklaces. For Men are different to that which women wear. They are not designed to be the centerpiece of a look but should be an accent piece for a well-dressed man. They can be chains, chokers, religious emblems or even dog tags. Choose something you really like and that matches your outfit. Like with bracelets dark leather and silver are suited for formal settings. In casual settings you can be more experimental.

Don’t wear the same piece every day, you don’t want to be known for a specific piece of jewelry. Mix it up and enjoy expanding your collection from time to time.


Wedding rings. Most men have it on their fingers. Wedding bands are an acceptable piece of jewelry and probably an indispensible one for most. So keep it plain and simple. Mostly they are made of metals like gold, silver and platinum. The latter two are preferred as they go with most shades and style of clothing.


Rings. Choose rings that reflect your personal style. They can be a great additions to your wardrobe, but make sure the occasion is suitable for the type of ring you have chosen. Don’t wear the biker’s skull to your job interview.



Men’s jewelry is a great way of expressing yourself or just accentuate your outfit. It’s up to you be creative.

I would recommend to follow this two golden rules:

1. Consider The Occasion

Your lip piercing’s fine for a night out, but consider ditching it in job interviews.

For formal occasions restrict your jewellery to modest choices

2. Remember to match your colors.

The watch should match the color of your ring, the embellishments on your shoes, and the shade of your belt buckle.

Your belt should match the color of your shoes.



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