Crew Neck Jumper – The quick outfit

Crew Neck Jumper – The quick outfit

10/18/2016 Off

The quick outfit.

The Crew Neck Jumper (the one’s with the rounded neck) is one of your most important wardrobe pieces when it comes to choosing an outfit quickly. When you haven’t much time in the morning the simplest and quickest outfit you can choose is a T-Shirt or Polo paired with a Crew Neck Jumper and Jeans or Chino.

To get a quick start in the morning and always be well dressed buy yourself these items:

  • Brown shoes
  • Brown belt
  • Blue Jeans
  • T-Shirts & Polos to you liking
  • Grey or Blackcurrant Crew Neck Jumpers

It’s a no-brainer. When you’re running late in the morning and just need to get an outfit on to quickly get out the door. This is the one for you.

Fred Perry Classic Crew Neck Jumper Blackcurrant.100% merino wool, ribbed neck, cuffs and hem, twin tipped neck detail and Laurel Wreath embroidered logo.



The more formal outfits

There’s more your crew neck jumper can do for you. You can wear it over an oxford shirt or add a tie to wear it with a suit or just a suit jacket.

If you’re wearing a shirt and tie, a crew neck will show much less of the tie than a v-neck, so the emphasis is immediately placed on the quality of your knot – maintain a good dimple and you’ll be fine.