About me

Welcome. I’m Joerg.

Born 1969.

Software Engineer with an interest in menswear, style, cars and technology.

The Content on this Website is mostly aggregated from RSS-Feeds. I do not aggregate full articles.

This Website is meant as a single source or Men’s Topics related content. I hope you find what you are looking for or you are interested in and and click on the “View full post here” Link, which located at the end of the short article outtake on every post, to view the original post.

I do not advertise the source of each post because I want the content to speak for itself and if you are interested an click it means the RSS-Feed Provider did a good job.

If you are Website Operator who’s content is aggregated here and you do not want it seen here, just E-Mail me at info@mens-life-style.com, I will delete all your content and not add any further content.

So have fun and thank you for visiting.